Helping hands

Aurelia Gloves Canada ® is donating 150,000 pairs of protective gloves to organizations helping the less fortunate, and is launching a major aid initiative “Helping hands”



Since the COVID-19 crisis began, the number of homeless and individuals facing economical disadvantage has surged in the greater Montréal area. In an effort to help those more at risk, Aurelia Gloves Canada® (”Aurelia”), the Longueuil-based subsidiary of Supermax Group, has launched the “Helping hands” initiative to provide free protective gloves to Montréal organizations.

“We’re going through an unprecedented crisis, and economically disadvantaged Montréalers are among the hardest hit in recent weeks,” said Nicolas Bergeron, Vice-President at Aurelia. “It’s the duty of all of us to contribute to the collective effort to limit the spread of the virus, not only by ensuring the health of our front-line workers, but also the health of our most vulnerable citizens.”

After contacting key players in the field, including Centraide of Greater Montreal, Moisson Montréal, Itinéraire and many others, Aurelia compiled a list of agencies of all sizes with the most pressing needs. However, as efficient and coordinated distribution can sometimes be a challenging task, Aurelia joined forces with Ernst & Young LLP (EY), a leading professional services provider, in the planning and logistics of distributing their gloves.


To date, the Helping hands program has distributed more than 150 000 pairs of gloves to over 40 organizations on the island of Montréal.

“Beyond our glove distribution efforts, we’re committed to educating Quebecers on the use of this protective tool,” added Mr. Bergeron. “It’s vital to understand that a pair of gloves is only the first step in protecting yourself. It’s knowing and applying usage protocols before, during and after wearing gloves, such as hand washing, that provide complete protection.”

Aurelia hopes that other manufacturers and distributors of personal protective equipment will join the campaign. Now that the supply and distribution network is now fully operational, it only takes a few days to meet the weekly needs of agencies when the required volumes of equipment are donated.

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