Our videos

Think big, think differently

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way than a video to give you a behind-the-scenes look at our company’s daily life? Discover what makes Aurélia stand out in the surgical masks market.

Hallway hellos

Meet some of the lovely humans who gravitate towards the Aurélia brand. To hear what they have to say, check out our upcoming video capsules.

Putting people first

Philippe Cantin and Aurélia share a common vision: the importance of a quality relationship. The president of Medline Médi-Sélect shares his unique client experience.

From one family-owned business to another

What do Marie-Ève Aubert, of Les importations Alain, and Nicolas Bergeron, of Aurelia Gloves Canada, have in common? They are the heads of second generation family businesses. That creates strong ties.

A good vibe at work

Discover what makes the difference in the professional life of Louis-Léonard Marsan, our dynamic director of finance with an infectious good mood. #SkyIsTheLimit

Daily challenges

What convinced Heather Blair, our Director of Operations and Warehousing, to pursue a career with us since 2012? The secret lies “outside the box”…

Personalized advice

When you buy a business, you quickly realize the importance of having good distributors who know their business. Talk to Dr. Marie-Pier Riendeau, dentist and owner of the Soins Dentaires Candiac clinic.

Behind the scenes

See all the preparation that goes into the design of these clips featuring our valued customers, partners and employees – and some mouth-watering hot dogs.

The question game

What was Nicolas Bergeron’s first day in the office like? What was the most intense moment of Sylvain Bergeron’s career? The father-son duo at the head of Aurelia Gloves Canada answers our questions.

Aurelia lab – The agile sausage

Who, between Louis-Léonard and Marie-Dominique, is better at threading rings on a sausage (featuring the dexterity of Aurelia gloves)? That’s the question we answer in this lab. All bets are off!

Aurelia lab – Short of breath

In this Aurelia mask-testing laboratory, Louis-Léonard and Marie-Dominique try to extinguish candles on cupcakes as quickly as possible. Will they succeed in their mission? And what will happen to the cupcakes?

Aurelia lab – Blind texture test

The dexterity of Aurelia gloves is in the spotlight in this Fort Boyard-inspired event. Will Louis-Léonard and Marie-Dominique identify the food hidden in the jars? To find out, watch this new laboratory.