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Difference should not be an obstacle.

Aurelia Gloves Canada® manufacture disposable gloves, nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves, disposable gloves, eco-friendly gloves, recyclable gloves, masks, surgical masks, medical masks, protective masks, disposable medical equipment, disposable dental equipment, dental equipment, dental bibs, and head rest covers.

Our team

Aurelia Gloves Canada ®: the choice of professionals proud of their difference

Aurelia Gloves Canada ® is various products, without compromising on quality. We are Aurelia, a company with one goal: to enhance your talents by focusing on your difference.

Our history



Aurelia Gloves Canada® has undertaken several green transition initiatives in the past year. And one of these initiatives has come to completion: the Carbon Neutral Certification. We are very proud to achieve this significant milestone, as we evolve in an industry that has historically been emitting high volumes of CO2 and other wastes. This is one of the first tangible results from our constant efforts to make a difference and challenge the status quo on sustainability issues in our industry, with many more good news to come. Here is what this certification means and why it matters.

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