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12 May 2020


We all have heard the news recently about defective Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) masks that were released into facilities for use during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The defective masks were sent to facilities in Ontario and at that time it was realized very quickly that these items did not meet the required standards and could not be used.
3 April 2020

What is cross contamination and how to prevent it during COVID-19

In order to collectively address the current epidemic, it is imperative to understand how COVID-19 spreads on surfaces and how to properly disinfect them. The entire population is affected by this invisible enemy and it is important to have a good disinfection protocol and protect yourself to limit contamination of surfaces. Going to the grocery store or to the pharmacy has now become a challenge and it is an outing that we must do at least once a week. By taking the right precautions before, during and once you return from this task will generate less stress and worry.
27 March 2020

10 tips to safely do your groceries during the covid19 crisis.

In the last 2 weeks, it is inevitable to notice the drastic change in the way we do our groceries due to the covid19 virus. Different measures have been taken and must be taken to protect everyone while getting our essential goods. Here are 10 tips to safely do your groceries during the covid19 crisis: 1- Prepare a grocery list Preparing a grocery list ahead of time is important! That way you will know exactly what you are looking for and you will spend the least amount time in the store.
29 October 2019

The power of personality

You are running a company and you want to reach the highest peaks. To succeed, you are convinced that it is important to be acquainted with each member of your team. Knowing your employees through their duties at work is a good thing, but knowing them as individuals is even better! Understanding each other’s strengths and personalities will move your company forward. You are probably wondering how to lead a work team by working with each of them individually?