26 November 2021
Mains abimées : que faire?

Find out how to avoid having damaged hands

Most professionals who wear gloves while working are bothered by damaged hands. In fact, this extremely uncomfortable feeling is a direct result of hand washing, hand sanitizing and glove wearing. As a result, hand skin conditions, including occupational eczema, are the leading cause of discomfort at work. Let us outline some preventive measures as well as some appropriate care to solve this problem.
4 October 2021

The World of Hand Sanitizers

Hand washing is recommended by health authorities in order to avoid germ contamination. But in reality, we do not always have a direct access to running water and soap.
31 August 2021
Gants jetables

What are the 3 main materials used for disposable gloves?

Disposable gloves are available to the user in a variety of materials including latex, nitrile and vinyl. In order to make a wise choice, let us demystify the main characteristics of each variety.
27 July 2021
Professionals in the field of esthetics: when to wear gloves?

Professionals in the field of esthetics: when to wear gloves?

You work in the wonderful field of esthetics as a professional hairdresser, colourist, makeup artist, esthetician, piercer or tattoo artist. Then, this article is for you! This industry certainly showcases your creativity and requires a good deal of specialized technical training and state-of-the-art accessories. However, working in the esthetics industry can put a great deal of strain on your main working tool — your hands. After all, you can’t be at the top of your craft if your hands are in bad condition. So why not give them some extra protection by wearing gloves?
10 June 2021
Gants jetables

Can disposable gloves be worn on a daily basis?

Wear disposable gloves on a daily basis. Why not? At Aurelia, we know that all professionals in the health, dental and industrial fields are aware of the best practices for wearing gloves. In this article, we are suggesting different tasks in everyday life for which it is possible to wear gloves. We hope that this article, which is both informative and entertaining, will inspire you.
29 April 2021

How to dispose of surgical masks in an environmentally friendly way?

It is well known that surgical masks were not conceived to be recycled, but were designed to protect. They are neither washable nor reusable and, to avoid contamination, it is recommended to change them every four hours. They should not be discarded in recycling bins, organic bins or in the environment under any circumstances.
12 March 2021

The birth of a Canadian surgical mask

Due to a global health crisis, the challenge of sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE) has prompted Supermax Healthcare Canada Group to create its own Canadian manufacturing division for certified surgical masks, Supermax Medical. Since then, the Aurelia Gloves Canada brand proudly distributes surgical masks ENTIRELY made in Canada.
23 June 2020

Standards in a Face Mask

The FDA and ASTM international play a role in the manufacture of medical face masks. The FDA recognizes ASTM F2100 as the standard specification for the performance of materials used in a surgical face mask, where specific criteria must be met in five categories. The masks can be labelled as surgical, laser, isolation, dental or medical procedural masks.
21 May 2020

Frequent glove users (part 2)

Frequent Glove Users: What are barrier creams? Why moisturize? The COVID-19 situation in which we currently live leads us to revisit, change and / or improve certain habits in our everyday life. Whether at work, at home or in the few outings necessary for restocking, hand care has become a priority for all of us and more specifically for front line, healthcare, dental or any workers who must wear gloves. Keeping the skin of your hands intact and healthy is key to infection control. Frequent handwashing is a primary cause of irritant as soaps and detergents have been described as the most damaging of all substances applied to the skin.
20 May 2020

Double Gloving

The quality of a glove is extremely important as it provides a first line of defense against harmful microorganisms. While a high-quality glove is available in the market, sometimes those of less quality are purchased and worn unknowingly. Check out our article on how to choose the right glove for the proper protection
13 May 2020

Proper disposal of PPE

Ces EPI usagés qui pourraient être contaminés par le virus s’accumulent et constituent un risque non seulement pour l’environnement, mais aussi pour les personnes qui pourraient être en contact avec ces derniers.
5 May 2020

Hand Dermatitis: What’s it to YOU?

Dans le cadre de l'équipement de protection, de nombreux travailleurs doivent porter des gants dans différents secteurs de travail pour se protéger les mains. L'équipement de protection individuelle (EPI) est nécessaire pour accomplir leur travail et assurer leur sécurité.